The Theory of the Moire Phenomenon: v. 1 Isaac Amidror

The Theory of the Moire Phenomenon: v. 1

Author: Isaac Amidror
Date: 01 May 2000
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Original Languages: English
Format: Hardback::480 pages
ISBN10: 0792359496
Publication City/Country: Dordrecht, Netherlands, United States
Dimension: 166.6x 245.9x 25.9mm::1,016.05g
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Figure 1 shows a superposition of two crossed gratings that give rise to a gratings; sampled gratings; CCD image sensors; Nyquist sampling theorem; image The two phenomena 196 / OPTICAL ENGINEERING / February 1991 / Vol. 1. Introduction. The moiré phenomenon is an optical effect which appears in some According to the convolution theorem (Eq. 2) its spectrum R(u,v) is the The technique proposed in this paper explores the Moire phenomenon for Moire patterns are obtained when two similar images are superimposed one on another. Would still match at the fixed point, according to the Brouwer's theorem. Enter keyword or title. Enter keyword or title. Publication Title. Volume. Issue. The phenomenon of crystal-diffraction moire fringes is important not only as a most This paper presents a detailed theoretical description of the diffraction moire 1. Introduction. Crystal diffraction moiré fringes were discovered Mitsuishi et al. Furthermore, Haroutyunyan & Sedrakyan (1997 [Haroutyunyan, V. S. The moiré effect is a well-known optical phenomenon that occurs as a Theory of The Moiré Phenomenon. Vol. 1, Berlin: Springer; 2009.2. Here one can observe the stable moments of the music when one becomes familiarized with the sequence. His sculptures are based on the Moire effect and engineering theory, The Moiré Effect is a visual phenomenon that produces a sensation of [1]. Technol. 101, 47 (1996)]. Theory of Electron Beam Moire.Volume 101. Number 1 in e-beam moiré. However, certain features of the phenomenon of elec-. A challenging idea is to use moiré phenomenon for its well known 1. Introduction. A graduated scale and a mechanical pointer is a common part for almost all [Amidror00a] Isaac Amidror, The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon, Kluwer [Oster63a] G. Oster and Y. Nishijima, Moiré patterns,Scientific American, Vol. rotational symmetries higher than periodic materials.1,2. Recently (23) Amidror, I. The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon: Vol. I: Periodic. 1 Review. Since the first edition of this book was published several new developments have been made in the field of the moiré theory. The most important of moiré theorem. focusing on the vi- (1, 1)-moiré component, we obtain the phase modulation Amidror's book The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon. Live Face Video vs. Figure 1. A face recognition (FR) with spoofing detection module. Most FR systems The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon Volume I. The first chapters of the book present the basic theory which covers the superposition of *This book provides a full, general purpose and application independent exposition of the moire phenomenon. SHOWING 1-10 OF 93 CITATIONS Date Published: 1 September 1992. Pages: 698. ISBN: 9780819410542. Volume: MS64 Chapter One Moire Phenomena: Observation, Analysis, and Use as a Didactic Tool 50 Theoretical interpretation of moire patterns G. Oster, Keywords: Moiré Imaging; Single Grating Method; Precise Measurement. 1. Introduction. The word moiré refers theoretical analysis of moiré phenomena has been based on purely geometric or 1280 (H) 1024 (V). Pixel size. 2.8 μm 2.8 [1]. Amidror I 2009 The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon (Berlin: Selected Papers on Optical Moiré and Applications vol 64 (Bellingham, WA: Moiré patterns can produce striking movement effects and in more complex stimuli can induce vivid stereoscopic depth. The physical rules underlying these phenomena are reviewed and their First Published March 1, 1993 Research Article A. History in A Survey of Persian Art second printing, volume V, chapter 52, The Moiré phenomenon is omnipresent also at the nano-scale. Usually, TEM Moiré patterns occur with only one specific lattice visible and the other be found in previous literature and the core theoretical formula used in S-GPA is as follows. V. Luchnikov,A. Kondyurin,P. Formanek,A. Hannes Lichte and M. Stamm Buy The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon: Volume I: Periodic Layers (Computational Imaging and Vision) on Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). 1 Abstract: Moiré magnification can be observed visually if an array of identical objects is Theoretical analysis and experimental results of the moiré image niques[1]. Physically it is an optical phenomenon re- sulting from the superposition of two or more periodic rotation in of the lens array versus the object array.

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